ECI is dedicated to protecting your privacy. ECI’s applications are aggressively monitored to provide the highest level of security. Information is stored in a single database, which increases integrity by requiring less entry of repetitive employee data.

Our system features various controls to regulate employee activities and create audit reports. All login attempts are date- and time-stamped with employee information. Transaction data is readily available and can be incorporated into your processes for auditing and control.

ECI’s subscribers typically use one version of our SaaS. This gives clients access to the most recent software and updates. With the hosted model, the newest version of the software is automatically integrated without having to implement and customize it. ECI automatically installs software upgrades, so you always know you’re running our most up-to-date program. ECI also provides ongoing customer service and technical support.

Subscribers reduce their risks by using our service. Conversely, running software on-site and purchasing perpetual licenses is costly and poses a high risk. The ECI SaaS model decreases up-front costs, meaning clients obtain near-term benefits and ROI.

ECI’s human capital management system guarantees frequent functionality improvements, continual upgrades, less need for internal IT support, reduced risk, and high-level security.

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