Electronic Commerce, Inc. (ECI) was founded in 1996 in Elkhart, Indiana. With a client base of small companies in northern Indiana and southern Michigan, we partnered with industry experts to build robust HR software products. Our company’s initial focus was payroll, but over time, we evolved our suite of products as our clients’ business needs grew. In 2015, we received a $40 million majority growth investment from Frontier Capital that allowed us to enhance our platform. We accelerated customer onboarding and implementation, expanded sales and marketing efforts, and added new features to our platform that offered more functionality and flexibility to our customers. Today, we have become one of the leaders in Human Capital Management (HCM) software, with clients located throughout the United States. While our company has grown steadily over the years, our commitment to building and supporting the best HR tools in the industry is surpassed only by the high standards of service we introduced when we launched our business.


The most important resource any company has is its people. At ECI, people are our priority. From yesterday’s HR business world, driven solely by recruiting, to today’s sophisticated HR environment that includes workforce planning and strategy, onboarding, training, reporting, and analytics, we deliver the most sought-after tools and data to our clients, in the office and on the fly. Today, business is all about people management. Our products and services help you manage the people part of your business from pre-hire to retire. We give your employees the access they need to drive your business to succeed.

The ECI Experience

The success of any long-term relationship is based on setting the right expectations and following through on commitments. At ECI, we have developed a unique sales experience where your solutions are identified, validated and shared with our internal team before they are presented to you. Your final proposal provides complete visibility of project deliverables and client expectations to ensure that all team members are committed to, and accountable for, the execution of your solution.

What sets us apart is the depth of our involvement. Our goal is to ensure that you are not overburdened throughout the implementation process. Whenever possible, we roll up our sleeves and extract the required data on your behalf. We manage the parallel processing/testing process, leaving you to review our findings and advise us on discrepancies. It is our mission to eliminate as much work from your plate as possible, so that you may focus on your core job responsibilities, while ensuring a seamless transition as you learn our system quickly and efficiently.

Once fully implemented, our experienced support team has checkpoints in place to make sure we are meeting your organizational requirements every step of the way. The combination of expert people and evolutionary products makes all the difference in the world, as we continue to be regarded as one of the leading HCM business solutions.

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