Reporting the 1094-C is by far the easiest part of ACA reporting. The data you need for the 1094-C is employer-level data, which is information that all employers are tracking, even if it’s in an Excel spreadsheet. ┬áIt is fairly easy for a payroll solution to track total number of employees on a month-to-month basis. This is especially true if there is an HR component tied to payroll to pick up employees who are considered part of that total employee count who are not receiving a paycheck (e.g. employees out on unpaid FLMA). Full-time employee count on a month-to-month basis can be a little trickier, particularly when employers are utilizing a look back measurement period. This data point is still fairly easy to come up with, or track from a payroll and time & attendance perspective. The hardest part of the 1094-C is line 22, but the answers to line 22 are really answers that need to be figured out by a broker advisor, or at the employer level, not by a technology solution.

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