Managing employee benefits requires a focus on regulations and reports. ECI simplifies this process with robust benefits, administration tools, and resources. Our compliance tracking and reporting features are regularly updated to reflect current practices and standards, so you can remain confident that your company adheres to necessary practices.

ECI’s software supports all major federal compliance reporting in a simple step. Workers compensation, certified payroll, affirmative action support, and applicant flow are available as standard reports. To meet your company’s needs, additional reports can be developed according to industry requirements. ECI monitors changing government regulations and uploads them to the platform to ensure that our clients meet compliance standards with ease.


Proper employee benefits management is crucial for employee retention and morale. Our unified system streamlines the entire process for multiple plans across various locations. This lowers costs, improves efficiency, and guarantees that employee benefits are properly administered.

Our online wizard-based enrollment tool simplifies the benefit enrollment process. Transactions and changes are tracked, recorded, and sent to the appropriate user for approval to expedite the workload.

ECI’s system automates deduction updates, Group Term Life-imputed income calculations, and more. Users can create optional benefits interfaces during the implementation process. Automating information flow between your organization and your benefits providers saves time and minimizes risks and overall liability. The system eliminates over billings and inaccurate coverage situations.

ECI’s integrated payroll and benefits system is a comprehensive yet simple solution to an important HR concern. With ECI, you can rest assured that your employees’ benefits are being properly managed.

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