Employee benefit plans can be the single most important factor behind employee retention, satisfaction, and positive morale. However, managing multiple plans in multiple locations while still controlling costs at a corporate level can be a taxing experience. ECI’s platform has been developed to streamline the entire benefit management process.

Benefits Enrollment

New hire enrollments, employee life event changes and open benefit enrollments can all be automated through ECI. Custom benefits categories and eligibility rules ensure that all employees have access to the appropriate benefits. An online wizard-based enrollment tool allows for a simple yet comprehensive enrollment process for each employee. All transactions are routed through workflow to the appropriate user or group for prompt approval. All benefit changes are effective-dated and history records provide a complete audit trail.

Benefits Reporting /Tracking

Fully unified benefits administration allows for the seamless tracking of eligibility, costing (both employee and employer portions), and enrollment. Standard benefit census reports, automated deduction updates, Group Term Life (GTL) imputed income calculations, and more, can all be automated through Empower. The following is a partial list of additional features available:

  • Unlimited number of employee benefit plans;
  • Plan documents attached to each benefit description;
  • Mass change capability for employee costs and deduction amounts;
  • Dependent/beneficiary/emergency contact tracking;
  • Customizable accruals for vacation, sick and other PTO;
  • Pre-calculated employer matching;
  • Employee Benefits Statements (available through ESS);
  • Employee Benefits Portal (available through ESS);
  • COBRA Compliance Services (optional); and
  • Flex Spending, Health Savings and Reimbursement Plan Administration (optional).

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