‘Tis the Season! Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

The holiday season has officially begun, and along with it, comes the stress. It is a known fact that holiday stress invades the workplace and productivity declines. Thoughts of travel plans, shopping and planning for social events preoccupy most people during the season. Balance and moderation are key words to remember. Who can resist all those special nonstop treats that little elves seem to drop off at your office? Keep in mind all the outside social events you will be attending and pace yourself. Here are a few tips to consider this holiday season.

Be flexible. Scheduling can become a nightmare during the holidays. Take a look at your work deadlines and plan your calendars accordingly, keeping in mind your co-workers have commitments as well. Plan ahead, yet have a healthy dose of understanding on hand to be ready for unexpected events that might come up during the season.

Be charitable. Many companies sponsor programs, such as Toys for Tots, or local charities, such as food pantries. These community efforts boost morale and employee engagement. The holidays are a great time to bring people together for a common cause.

Be mindful. Many people celebrate holidays differently than you do, or might not celebrate them at all. Celebrate your employees by learning more about their cultures and traditions.

Be thankful. Acknowledge others’ hard work. It is always important to thank those who offer a helping hand. Say thanks. Write a note. A simple thank-you goes a long way.

The most important thing to remember about the season is to enjoy it, be healthy and stay safe. Drink plenty of water, exercise, laugh and count your blessings. While you might be thankful the holidays only come once a year, consider hanging onto these tips for the whole year. Happy, merry everything!