Russ Davis Wholesalers

Company Profile
Russ Davis Wholesale (RDW) is an employee-owned business that has been selling and distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to local grocery stores, schools, and restaurants for over 60 years. Having started as a one-truck business, they now operate through five distribution centers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. As an industry leader in fresh produce distribution throughout the Midwest, they provide only the highest-quality fruits, vegetables, organics, seasonal specialties and highly sought-after produce items designed to drive sales and profits.

Russ Davis Wholesale needed to enhance the employee experience by providing access to powerful tools that would better inform and connect employees at all levels. The company had been using an industry system which was no longer able to meet their business needs, and was not flexible or robust enough to meet their employee information needs. RDW has been using ECI Payroll for two years, and based on their positive experience, invited ECI to participate in their Human Capital Management (HCM) review process.

With the ECI solution, RDW enhances the employee experience with an intuitive, easy-to-use HCM system. Already an ECI Payroll partner, they added Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Benefits Administration, Open Enrollment and Performance Management to ensure business will run more efficiently, people will be more informed and online tools will be more effective. Regardless of employees’ locations, they will review and sign documents quickly. Managers will be more productive and efficient, as they use the Content Delivery Network to upload company documents.

Unexpected Benefits
By partnering with ECI, RDW has built a solid business relationship, which was not unexpected. What was unexpected was the incredibly high level of service. “I actually speak with a real person every time,” cited their Human Resources Manager. “This is unheard of in the industry.” Not only that, RDW was surprised with the massive front end data loading that the ECI implementation team handled, which was a huge time-saver for RDW. Other benefits that were not anticipated by RDW were the system’s ease-of-use and the quick turnaround for custom reports.


Wadena, MN

5 Distribution Centers
3 States
600 Employees

Primary Business
Produce Wholesaler

HR Challenges
Real-time Communication
Information Sharing
Custom Reporting