Empower 2017 is a result of listening to our customers, considering the market evolution with a focus on improving user experience. Our fully unified, single-source SaaS HCM solution has a new look and enhanced tools to provide a more intuitive user experience. Wizards, toggles, and dashboards allow organizations to provide access to employee data details seamlessly without leaving the viewing screen.

Empower 2017 is at your fingertips from any device or browser. The free, downloadable app, available for both Apple and Android, enables employees and managers to use self-service features anytime, anywhere.

Empower 2017’s updated, automatic security features maintain the privacy of your company and its employees. Time and date stamped logins are recorded, and enhanced audit reports are readily available. New auditing allows you to create a quick view, highlighting all the employee changes. There is no longer a need to run a separate report.

If you have any questions please call us at (574)970-4400 or email ecitraining@ecipay.com.You are able to preregister for the upcoming webinars. Webinars begin at 1:00PM EST, unless otherwise specified.

Future Webinar Schedule

April 20th: “Empower 2017 Payroll”
Presented By: Lisa Kring
Panelist: Jen Elliot
Review the Payroll functions and new user interface of Empower 2017.

April 21st:
Session 1
Presented By: Cassie Anderson
Panelists: Kristen Jones and Heather Magee

Session 2
Presented By: Kelsey Lowry
Panelist: Kristen Jones

April 26th: “Report Navigator”
Presented By: Becky Hibbs
Panelist: Heather Magee

April 27th: “Reporting Analytics:
Presented By: Becky Rice
Panelists: Roxy Gehman and Daniel McCoy

April 28th: “Empower 2017 Interface”
Presented By: Jennifer Hooper
Panelist: TBD

For more information about Empower 2017 training,
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