Company Profile
Modrak Operating Group (MOG) has been in business for 50+ years as a McDonald’s Corporation franchise and today has seven McDonald’s locations.

MOG is a family-owned company defined by honesty, hard work, and a do-it-yourself style. However, after many years of using a time punch system to track payroll, they were ready to take the leap from an antiquated system to a high-tech efficient one. Operating seven McDonald’s restaurants means most hours of the day are busy times. The goal? Operating seven McDonald’s restaurants proves to be very busy at all times. The goal was modernize and eliminate manual and paper processes.

MOG needed a system that eliminated paystubs and the process of hand-delivering or mailing paychecks, so a web-based, direct-deposit system was in order. Before Empower, MOG tried a large payroll company’s solution, but the customer service and handling of accounts did not meet their expectations. That’s when they began to ask some of their clients who they used to accommodate payroll processing. ECI came highly recommended because of its reputation for excellent ongoing support, robust platform, and ability to integrate seamlessly with existing in-house software systems.
“We were sold on the company without even shopping the HR software market,” said Jeff Templin, MOG owner/operator. “I get calls from other vendors trying to get me to switch, but when it comes down to it, we are extremely happy with ECI’s customer service and web-based application.”
In the restaurant business, the most popular time for an employee to pick up their paycheck is during the lunch rush—which is the busiest time and therefore the least ideal time of day for managers.
“The fact that my managers no longer have to distribute paychecks and employees have access to their paychecks and W2’s online is a huge time and stress saver,” Jeff said.

Unexpected Benefits
MOG was a little concerned about the implementation of Empower and its ability to integrate with existing systems but, we were surprised by the ease with which ECI’s implementation team unified applications and overcame any issues that arose. “It was a seamless implementation process. We provided ECI what they needed, and they provided us the power and flexibility of Empower.”

“Under a manual system, if I needed to make a last minute change to payroll, I would have to call someone and ask if there was still time. Now, with Empower, I can do it on the fly. I also no longer have to manually enter hours because the way the system is customized, it happens automatically. ECI and its Empower technology simply take the guesswork out of payroll processing. You can’t put a price tag on that.”


Merrillville, IN

7 Locations
+500 employees

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