Partnership Promise

We believe that trusted partnerships are built on the promise of delivering at the highest level. Working with ECI means, as a partner, you have our ongoing commitment and promise to uphold your service and product values.

ECI offers the delivery of leading HCM solutions that brings greater efficiencies to our mutual clients; all backed with our resolution-based customer service.

Whether a Benefits Broker, Financial Advisor, TPA, Wholesaler, Consultant, Bank, CPA or an ECI Advocate, join us as we deliver on our promise to always deliver the highest level for our mutual clients.

Partnership Tools

We have developed several tools designed to deliver client-centric support, access, and information to our partners. Our Partner Education program offers webinars on an array of industry-focused topics.

Partner Insights, our monthly newsletter, takes a closer look at the key points of interest facing our mutual clients.

Partners may select from a variety of value-added tools, all of which deliver on our promise of being your trusted partner.

Revenue Share Incentives 

ECI’s Revenue Share Incentive Program rewards our partners’ ongoing trust in our delivery of and the best HCM solutions for their clients.

The foundation of our program is a simple business practice of reinvesting. ECI shares revenue back to our partners when their referral becomes an ECI client. Partners can select from several distribution options based on their objectives and policies.

The Revenue Share Incentive Program is one more way ECI delivers on our partnership promise.

ECI Partner Care Program

Better serving our partners so they can better serve our mutual clients.

For more information about ECI partnerships, please complete the information below.