ECI offers an array of payroll management tools, error detection methods and other valuable features, so you will be sure your payroll process is 100% accurate. Users begin by gathering and entering employee hours and earnings information by using pre-defined interfaces and data imports. Pre-determined earnings are brought in automatically using ECI’s auto-pay feature. Reports are then generated to assist in the reconciliation and balancing process. Once balanced, your gross payroll is then processed to net in real time. Users then verify system totals, review error reports that highlight payroll anomalies and perform any remaining verifications before posting the payroll for finalization to ECI. Once posted, ECI takes care of the rest of the process, including check printing and distribution, creating ACH transactions for direct deposits, creating positive pay files to prevent check fraud, and remitting tax payments.

Paperless Payroll Processing

By utilizing Direct Deposit and/or payroll debit cards, you can eliminate all printing and delivery fees. ECI’s ESS (Employee Self-Service) allows employees to have online access to payment vouchers, eliminating the need to send and distribute paper forms.

General Ledger Reporting /Interface

During ECI’s analysis process, we request the chart of accounts for payroll general ledger entries. Then, ECI reviews and creates a general ledger report, or extract file, that can be imported into your corporate accounting package, or ERP system. This value-added service will eliminate cumbersome formatting and keying of critical data and allow your accounting users to manage the process electronically.

Online Reporting

ECI offers hundreds of standard parameter-driven reports that are highly flexible, offering custom date ranges, filtering and more. Data is never deleted, so customers will not be required to keep three-ring binders, or maintain remote storage facilities for critical payroll and HR data.

Complimentary Services

Absorbed into our core Per Active Employee Per Month (PAEPM) pricing model, ECI includes the following services at no additional cost:

  • Unlimited direct deposits.
  • Unlimited Official Bank Check (OBC) services.
  • New hire reporting services.
  • Garnishment processing services.
  • Federal, state and local tax remittance, filing and
    resolution services.
  • Inactive employee tracking and reporting.

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