Welcome to your best-case scenario: having volumes of data about your applicants in one easy-to-use, intuitive system. ECI Applicant Recruitment allows you to analyze the data and abstract useful conclusions that will help you build a strong sourcing strategy. Your HR team can post open positions, review applications, screen candidates and schedule interviews. Individual scoring allows you to narrow the candidate pool to those whose qualifications most closely match the requirements.

Simplify the New Hire Process with One Login

  • Quickly identify top candidates.
  • Eliminate unqualified applicants.
  • Focus your valuable resources on those who best fit the needs of your organization/position.


Online Job Application

  • Allow candidates to review and apply for multiple positions online.


Applicant Survey

  • Create position-specific surveys to be used in preemptive screening of online applicants.


Applicant Dashboard

  • Rank overall applicant viability by requisition and initiate integrated hire and rehire processes.


Scoring Function

  • Score applicants based on screening, interview, reference, testing, and survey data.


Time Savings & Cost Effectiveness

  • Offers time-saving alternatives to sifting through mounds of applications and requires no hardware or internal maintenance.


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