While payroll processing, reporting, and distribution constitute roughly 20 percent of the payroll function, data collection and labor management represent the balance of the work. Consistently applying company pay policies, managing remote facilities and tracking labor costs by month, week and even by day can create many administrative challenges for your company. That is why ECI is proud to offer ECI Time to provide you with a fully integrated and robust solution for time and labor management.

Data Input Methods
Client culture and employee work environments will dictate, to a large degree, how employees will punch, or log, their work information into the system. ECI supports a variety of input methods, ranging from basic swipe data collection units, to telephone attendance functions. Each method interacts with the employee time card and allows supervisors with an intuitive view of their workforce dynamics. Following is a list of input methods:

  • Barcode or magnetic swipe Ethernet terminals;
  • Biometric hand scan and fingerprint readers;
  • Proximity terminals;
  • Web punch;
  • Online timesheet;
  • Voice-prompted telephone attendance; and
  • Enhanced touch-screen terminals (ATS Optimus & Maximus).

Supervisory Functionality Includes:

  • Intuitive Dashboard screen at login, including exceptions and time card status;
  • On-premises view of all direct reports;
  • Time-off interactive calendar;
  • Scheduled events and notifications;
  • Many standard and customizable reports;
  • Supervisor proxy settings; and
  • Multi-supervisor view of single time cards based on employee work locations, etc.


Administrative Functionality Includes:

  • Automated bidirectional integration with Empower;
  • Customized configurations per client;
  • Updated Empower reporting tables for single-source reporting;
  • Punch detail and point totals available for view on employee pay advices;
  • Automation of point- and occurrence-based attendance policies;
  • PTO accruals and workflow approvals with calendaring;
  • Enhanced scheduling functions;
  • Rules-based rounding and holiday schedules; and
  • Scheduled tasks for imports, exports and reporting.

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