ECI delivers a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that simplifies HR. Our expert team of technical and customer service representatives provides ongoing support to ensure smooth implementation and continued satisfaction. We begin with Solution Validation, an in-depth analysis to determine how ECI can augment and simplify your HR systems.

Our fully unified SaaS HCM solution is a single-source, real-time application. With our automated, streamlined HR system, you will eliminate manual and paper processes and improve interdepartmental communication. Our software is accessible to all members of your workforce, so you can efficiently and effectively manage most employee-related matters. This proprietary platform unifies the entire employee lifecycle with robust data tracking, automated workflows, intuitive usability and dependable up-time. In a nutshell, it provides users with a sophisticated, user-friendly HCM solution.

A single database means your data needs to be configured and maintained only once. Installation and maintenance are fast and easy, which saves you time and money. Wizards and dashboards minimize user time with the system and increase employee availability, so staff can focus on strategy and productivity.

Our software’s powerful reporting tools simplify data management and analysis. Ease of use makes HR tasks such as payroll applicant recruitment, onboarding, and performance appraisals less stressful. Security features maintain the privacy of your company and its employees. Time- and date-stamped logins are recorded, and audit reports are readily available.

Accessibility is a key component of our software system. The downloadable app, available for both Apple and Android, enables employees and managers to use self-service features anytime, anywhere.

Our product’s quality is matched by your service team’s commitment. ECI uses a hands-on approach with clients to implement an HR strategy that benefits your company and your employees.

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